CSA is a NRA supporting Club – While we do not require you to be an NRA Member, we do recommend you join. If you would like to join the NRA, Use THIS LINK to join!
CSA is a membership organization, which has no paid positions; therefore, all members are asked to contribute time towards work tasks.
Memberships run from Jan 1 through Dec 31. Each year every member is required to pay $100 ($125 Family) membership renewal fee and provide at least 12 hours of work.
In lieu of the work commitment hours, there is a work fulfillment fee of $100.
The fee for the work commitment is due at time of renewal, unless the member provided the required hours of work, which allows him or her to receive the $100 fulfillment credit to be applied to the renewal year’s work commitment fee.
New members will need to pay the work commitment fee. In lieu of work hours, a Pre-approved contribution of merchandise or materials worth a minimum of $100 may be considered.

Members may be excused from their work fulfillment for the following:

Jan 1 of each year, a work fulfillment card will be issued along with your annual membership renewal. This card will be your record of work performed. At the time of membership renewal, you will also need to surrender your work fulfillment card from the previous year to get the work fulfilment credit discount towards work fees for the renewal year.
Getting credit for complete work requires the signature of a Board Member or activity coordinator. The responsibility for work completion and work acknowledgement is YOUR responsibility as a member. Your completed card is worth $100 towards your work commitment for the next year so don’t lose it.

Membeship Proceedure

New Member Orientation: If you are interested in becoming a CSA member please contact Beth Schabert at 320-212-7565 to set up an appointment for a tour and orientation.
This will take about 30 min.
Current member Renewal: Complete all of the following steps

Send to:
Beth Schabert
W8866 Niblick Rd
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Your new key will be mailed back to you
DO NOT SEND CASH – Check or money order only
Questions on CSA membership Contact the Beth Schabertor call: 320-212-7565

Financial records are available to any club member Click here to contact the Treasurer For Financial Records