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Notice to ALL CSA members

The Annual meeting has been moved to September 19th 2021. (normally the 3rd Saturday, but there is an event that day)

The reason behind this change is that the Board would like to make the Annual Meeting more of a meeting which includes the family, with a big potluck cookout. Also offering some fun activities. A FUN day for all.
Another factor is we will not have to move snow for the meeting in September. NOTE: this does not move the fiscal year dating for CSA. Membership fees will still run from Jan 1 through Dec 31 each year.
Another change pertains to the term of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasure). The By-Laws as they are written today require all 4 officer’s positions be on the ballot each year.
The change will change the officer’s positions to 2 year term. Only two of the position would be voted on each year (President, Secretary and the following year Vice-President and Treasure).
As CSA continues to grow and increase the shooting activities, this change will help maintain a balanced leadership team.

Thank You for being a member of CSA
Larry Haseman - President, Columbus Sportsman’s Association, Inc

If further explanation is needed, please feel free to Call Me or any Board Member.

Precision Rifle Match Saturday July 17th

Columbus Sportsman’s Association will be hosting the July 17th WPRSC Precision Rifle match on Saturday July 17th
Volunteers are needed to assist with match setup the afternoon of Friday July 16th, registration and scoring prior to/during the match and teardown/clean up following the match on Saturday July 17th.
This is an excellent opportunity to watch some of the top PRS shooters in the WI, MN, MI, IL and IA areas compete while earning CSA work hours.
A free lunch will be provided for all volunteers working during the match. If you are able to help please contact Brian Cisar at (920) 296-2832 or cisar.brian@gmail.com
Shooters will shoot 10 stages and engage multiple steel and paper targets from distances of 100 to 650+ yards, in a variety of positions including prone and barricades.
If you are interested in shooting the match registration and payment is required through the PRS Challenge website. REGISTER HERE
Contact Brian Cisar for information or with any questions at (920) 296-2832 or cisar.brian@gmail.com

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Long Range Leagues

Monday Evening Leagues are going again - check the Calendar before heading over! click here for more info

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