CSA Long Range Training Class

The next Long Range Training/CSA Qualification Class To Be Announced.

Open to members and non-members! Completion of class, range proficiency test and payment of $50 certification fee qualifies you to use the Upper Range at CSA. (Proficiency test can be scheduled for a later date if needed – certification is not awarded until proficiency test has been passed) Anyone who is already certified may take the class again at no charge.


Cost of the class is only $50


Hunters Safety - Hunter Education

CSA Does not hold regular Hunter Safety/Hunter Education Programs AT THIS TIME - Stay tuned for more info!!

Please visit the DNR Website for Hunters Ed information Click this link to be redirected to the DNR Safety Education Website

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600 Yard IBS Bench Rest Matches

Columbus Sportsman’s Club Wisconsin State Bench rest Championship

2021 DATES: May 1st, June 5th, July 3rd, Aug 7th, Sept 18th

Points will be awarded for participation, small group, high score, and overall combined winners for each class/series.

Classes shall include A, B, and Factory.

  1. Class A shall include anyone shooting 2 or more targets of 3” or less
  2. Class B will include competitors shooting targets greater than 3″
  3. Factory** class shall consist of factory produced rifles* Custom shop rifles; Cooper, 40X, and similar rifles may compete in class A or B
Once a competitor has achieved two or more targets of less than 3” they shall remain in class “A” for the year. Not withstanding they may compete in the Factory class The first series of targets shall be for rifles of 17 pounds or less (light-gun)

The second series of targets shall be for any rifle that qualifies for IBS, NBRSA, or William sport rules (light/heavy gun)

The third series of targets if needed, will be for Factory class

All Club IBS matches shot at CSA are included for points earned. The State Championship will be awarded at the last match of the year. Entry fees shall be $25 for one gun, and $10 for each additional gun for CSA members, Non-member fees shall be $35 for one gun and $10 for each additional gun.

**Factory Class – Rifles from manufactures producing 5,000 or more rifles per year.

Contact: Long Range Director Gray Giesfeldt608-335-5833

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Action Rifle League

Action Rifle League runs from the first Tuesday in May until the first Tuesday in September

Contact: Ed Stehling 920-296-3260

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Precision Rifle

No league this year – but there are some Matches scheduled, Click Here For More Information

Contact Brian Cisar for more information or any questions regarding Precision Rifle events at CSA

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CSA Long Range Practice

600 Yard Shooting and Practice dates will be announced to members who have passed the training class and hold a VALID CSA Long Range Qualification Card

If you are interested in learning more about shooting on the 600 yard range or would like to be notified of the practice shooting times so you can observe,
contact Gray Giesfeldt at 608-335-5833

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Trap Shooting

For more info contact Ed Stehling 920-296-3260

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Monday Night / Saturday Morning (Fall-Winter) Long Range League

Monday Night and Saturday (Fall time) Long Range League and Practice Match Monday Nights at 5:30 PM / Saturday (Fall-Winter) 9:30 AM

Equipment requirements are:

Fees are $5 for Members and $20 for Non-Members

League Format:

Every Week there will a competition alternating between several formats. Including:

All CSA Range / Safety Rules Apply

If you have questions about the League Shoots, please contact:

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Rimfire Pistol League

This is a fun league, we shoot about 5 shooters at a time, to allow for social distancing

If interested or you would like more information, please call me
Larry Haseman - 920-344-0656

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